Clean Up with Octane

All detox drinks in the Saguiafin’s Delights product page are blended to bring to assist you, our customers, in your juice cleanses. Recently, however, we took it a bit further with the addition of a new flavor, Octane, which not just offers a delicious matcha flavor in a drink but also provides high and real detox results.


As everyone well knows, match is tea-based, which means it is rich in chlorophyll. This substance is a high agent that assists in cleansing the body with chemicals and harmful metal elements. According to Matcha Source, match is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other types of teas, increasing the cleansing factor in this detox drink.


Almond milk also assists in this detox drink, because, as an alternative to dairy milk, it contains lower cholesterol with high healthy fatty acids helpful to the heart. Jenny Sansouci of Health Crush tried out almond milk as part of her juice cleanse and she says it allowed her to go to bed without feeling hungry. Sure, it’s heavy on the stomach, but it doesn’t add cholesterol and calories, as much as dairy milk does.


High amount of metal elements within the body can mean bad news to anyone. One good example is mercury, which has proven degenerative effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems. Good news is that some food ingredients, such as seaweed extract found in Diesel and Nitro help out in detoxifying the body with these metals. A testimonial in Whole Earth Health proves this.


Very few people know how much vanilla can aid in weight loss. Hence, it is always a good idea to incorporate vanilla in someone’s juice cleanse. An article in Organic Facts suggests that, aside from its low cholesterol content, vanilla suppresses appetite, making someone not miss those sugary donuts.


A detox drink containing honey may not be a popular choice. In Japan and Taiwan, however, honey-based juice cleanses are a thing. While honey does not do the detoxifying of harmful chemicals from the body, it assists by providing easily absorbable nutrients to the body. A honey-based juice cleanse program is published in Benefits of Honey.


Saguiafin’s Delights will always be proud of Octane as its newest flavor we offer to our customers in Manila right now. It is indeed a detox drink we highly recommend our sexy and fit customers to try out. Order this brand-new blend right here!