Our Story

Welcome to Saguiafin’s Delights!

Like most companies, Saguiafin’s Delights (pronounce: sag-ya-fin) has its humble beginnings. Four years ago, we started out as a family endeavor. We wanted to produce juices for people like you who have goals to detoxify, cleanse, and manage their weights. We didn’t have any inkling at how things would turn out. But in a matter of two months, with the help of family, friends, and word of mouth, we were able to reach 100% of profit sales!

We guess that’s how things work when you have the genuine desire to help people. Since then, we continue to produce quality detox juices you grow to love. Right now, we already sold thousands of bottles and counting nationwide! We also gained fifteen resellers from different areas who help us out in expanding our market and clientele.

While we offer more affordable DETOX DRINK and TEA options for you, we ensure that we maintain high-quality and all-natural juices. We do not use high-pressure pascalization (HPP). We want our juices to remain as natural and pure as possible. This means that each bottle you receive is newly squeezed and blended, still fresh with the cleansing agents from nature.

And now, with the continued success of Saguiafin’s Delights, we are reinforcing our online presence with this brand-new website. We hope to make inquiring and ordering easier for you. Here, you can now place orders of as many bottles as you wish! More so, you can also pay using your credit card, paypal, cash on delivery, bank deposit or whichever works for you!

Indeed, this is a milestone for Saguiafin’s Delights. And with this, we hope to reach more people. Above everything though, after all these years, we will continue to stay true to our tagline: Only the best is good enough.


Here to help you stay healthy,

Saguiafin's Delights & Company