Prevent Cancer with Nitro

Sweet and sour are two flavors Filipinos can’t resist, especially if they come from one dish or drink. That is why Saguiafin’s Delights’ Nitro is a favorite among many of our customers in Metro Manila. Aside from its exquisite taste though, this drink can lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Read through to learn more!


As its main ingredient, strawberry granules not only give this detox drink an adorable color. While anyone holding this blend will feel awesome in possession of a delicious-looking bottle, everyone would be thrilled to know that even its granules form, strawberry can battle cancer. An article in EatingWell cited a current study the International Journal of Cancer, which proves that strawberry powder and extract hinders the formation of lung tumors and esophageal cancer. This is definitely good news to our customers who just quit smoking!


Because we never use tap, distilled, or mineral water, most of our detox drinks, such as Diesel and Gravity, contain coconut water. While there are many benefits do drinking this unique juice, it’s mainly known to combat cancer. According to, coconut water contains a hormone called cytokinins, which prove to have anti-cancer effects.


Who says crystals or gelatin are just some yummy addition to chew on our detox drinks? Tell them they’re wrong. Nourishing Joy states that studies are being done and, currently, there is enough evidence to conclude that crystals hinder the reproduction of cancer cells.


While there is no proven effect of almond milk in cancer yet, it can be a great alternative for people who has or in risk of prostate cancer. An article in 98.1 CHFI argues that dairy milk poses higher risk of prostate cancer due to its high animal fat content. Because of this, almond milk is always a good option.


Another awesome cancer-fighting ingredient in the detox drink Nitro is the subtle seaweed extracts. Many new studies are being done on the effect of seaweed extract on cancer cells, but most notable is the one from in-Pharma Technologist, which states that the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies recently published an article proving that two chemical compounds inhibiting cancer—immunoglobulin G and interleukin 6—are present in seaweed extracts. Who would have thought that the extracts from such simple plants can do so much?


These are just what Nitro detox drink can do. Like other Saguiafin’s Delights blends, this drink has a lot more health benefits to offer. Go to the Nitro Product Page to order this drink now!